First Advantage Adds New Instant Oral Fluid Drug Testing Device OralTox® to Its Suite of Products

ATLANTA, April 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — First Advantage continues its mission to help companies and organizations provide a safe, quality-oriented and productive work environment by partnering with Premier Biotech, a manufacturer of rapid drug testing devices. First Advantage will begin offering OralTox®, an instant oral fluid drug testing product, to its customers. This new offering joins the First Advantage product lineup of a variety of lab-based and instant collection devices available to companies of all sizes and industries.

OralTox is FDA 510(k) cleared for Amphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Opiates, and Phencyclidine, making it an excellent option for any workplace drug testing program. If confirmation testing is required, the sample collected in the OralTox device can be sent directly to a laboratory without the need for obtaining a second specimen.

Companies Should Consider Adding FDA 510(k) Cleared Oral Fluid Testing to Workplace Drug Testing Program

Workplace drug and alcohol testing are essential to the wellness, safety, and productivity of any organization. First Advantage provides a variety of lab-based and instant testing options to companies to help them stay in compliance with state laws and federal drug testing regulations.

Oral fluid drug testing provides companies with the most widely accepted alternative specimen testing to urine. And it’s a completely non-invasive process. Employers collect the oral fluid specimen by simply having a candidate place the collection device in his mouth for a specified amount of time. Other reasons to consider adding oral fluid testing from First Advantage with the point-of-collection OralTox device include:

1. Oral Fluid Testing Offers Quick Turnaround
Companies can reduce the overall time-to-hire by collecting specimens on site with point-of-collection devices such as OralTox. Additionally, results are typically returned within minutes.

2. Oral Fluid Specimens Are More Difficult to Adulterate or Subvert
Oral fluid samples are collected under direct observation, making it challenging for a donor to adulterate or subvert the specimen.

3. Oral Fluid Testing is More Cost Effective than Urine Testing
When you take a closer look at the costs associated with oral fluids versus urine testing, you often find that urine testing is more expensive. With urine testing, there are “soft” costs involved, including lost productivity when an employee is away from work for collections.

4. Oral Fluid Testing is Versatile
Oral fluid specimens can be used for multiple testing types ranging from pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable cause/reasonable suspicion, and random.

5. Oral Fluid Testing Eliminates Shy Bladder Issues
Shy bladder syndrome (Paruresis) is a common anxiety disorder in which a person finds it difficult or impossible to urinate on demand or in public restrooms. Oral fluid testing eliminates this problem since no urine specimen is required.

6. Oral Fluid Collection Process Preserves the Dignity of Candidates and Employers
There are significant privacy concerns due to observed urine specimen collection requirements, such as requiring that a gender-specific staff member or technician observe the specimen go from the donor’s body to the specimen collection bottle. That’s not the case with oral fluid specimen collection.

Oral fluid testing is proven to expedite the hiring process, minimize lost work time, speed up and control the collection process, and allow companies to perform collections anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about adding oral fluid to your overall workplace drug testing program, please contact First Advantage.

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