Industry Leaders to Deliver Progressive Post-Hire Monitoring Solution to Employers

Appriss Safety and First Advantage partner to facilitate effective insider risk mitigation

Louisville, KY; Atlanta, GA – Top-tier background screening provider First Advantage will partner with Appriss Safety, a leader in data solutions, to provide new and innovative post-hire monitoring technology to U.S. employers. Founded on aligned vision and values, the partnership serves as the pair’s joint commitment to offer advanced data solutions to protect workplaces and communities from person-based risk.

For over 15 years, First Advantage has been providing agile, technology-driven solutions and insights that help employers and housing providers make informed decisions and manage risk. First Advantage will use Appriss Safety’s proprietary continuous monitoring technology to power their post-hire solution, Criminal Records Watch.

Criminal Records Watch is an FCRA-compliant solution that notifies employers in near-real time when monitored employees have pending criminal court dates and/or upon conviction. Criminal Records Watch is powered by Appriss’ proprietary network that includes incarceration information from nearly 2,800 county jails or Departments of Correction nationwide. Access to accurate and timely incarceration information prompts First Advantage to undertake further search. The continuous nature of this solution allows employers to access time-critical safety information−without waiting for a periodic re-screen.

“Criminal Records Watch is changing the way employers think about background screening,” said Ranjeev Teelock, First Advantage SVP of Industry Solutions. “Our customers are using Criminal Records Watch to protect their brand, reputation, employees, and their customers and to manage risk proactively by continuously screening their employees.”

“Partnering with a leader like First Advantage is a testament to the rapid growth and critical importance our continuous monitoring solution holds in the background screening industry,” said Brian Matthews, SVP of Appriss Insights. “We are excited to partner with First Advantage to deliver Criminal Records Watch−a true monitoring solution enabling safer working environments.”

Appriss Safety and First Advantage are committed to strengthen the market’s understanding of the importance and value that continuous monitoring holds in risk mitigation planning. Every Tuesday, First Advantage hosts an educational webinar, “Manage Your Risk: An Introduction to Criminal Records Watch,” to demonstrate Criminal Records Watch and answer participant questions. Register here to attend.

In addition, First Advantage and Appriss Retail, a sister business unit of Appriss Safety focused on risk management in the retail industry, will host a joint webinar titled “Reducing Employee Fraud Before and After Hiring.” The April 3 webinar will discuss the best techniques for preventing employee fraud and reducing inventory shrink pre- and post-hire. Register here to attend.

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