First Advantage Teams Up with Nurse Recruitment Experts to Help Healthcare Organizations Hire Nurses Quickly and Confidently

Healthcare organizations globally continue to face a critical nurse shortage, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting that employment of registered nurses will grow 6 percent from 2022 to 2032, faster than average for all occupations. With about 193,100 openings expected on average per year, almost every healthcare organization is looking for ways to streamline hiring processes without compromising on quality.

To help healthcare organizations achieve hiring goals, First Advantage is teaming up with Nurse Recruitment Experts, an innovative direct hire partner for healthcare. Nurse Recruitment Experts sources nurses for healthcare organizations that face the additional pressures of completing timely background screening and employment verifications with results they can trust. Through its technology solutions for screening, verifications, safety and compliance, First Advantage helps organizations across industries meet staffing needs with confidence. Together, First Advantage and Nurse Recruitment Experts will empower healthcare organizations to source and screen more nurses and manage risk in hiring processes.

“First Advantage is a leader internationally in background screening and verifications in hiring processes, helping employers to Hire Smarter and Onboard Faster,” said Adam Chambers, President of Nurse Recruitment Experts. “We are thrilled that they will assist our healthcare clients to move nurse applicants from the interview stage to patient care quickly and confidently.”

Rolf Bezemer, General Manager International at First Advantage, shared, “Sourcing nurses in today’s market requires strategies that look outside traditional job boards to find and qualify candidates faster. This collaboration will support this specialized hiring where it can help the most. Nurse Recruitment Experts’ deep understanding of this workforce empowers healthcare institutions to recruit the necessary nurses while helping to assist with employer’s overall workplace safety program through First Advantage’s screening and verification solutions.”

Discover comprehensive background screening solutions tailored for the healthcare industry by visiting: First Advantage’s Healthcare Background Checks. Learn more about how First Advantage can support your needs in ensuring a safe and secure healthcare environment.


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