WeChat Candidate Information Collection System (CICS)

Deliver The Mobile Solution Candidates Expect

Candidate-driven experience anytime and anywhere

  • Accelerate hiring by enabling candidates to respond anytime via their mobile device
  • Streamline the screening process by enabling users to submit critical documentation quickly and easily on trusted interface
  • Reduces intrusive touch points with candidates
  • Quick access to candidate support via WeChat

Candidate expectations are higher than ever before. Today’s candidates, especially Millennials and digital natives, expect a convenient, easy-to-use hiring experience from application submission through background screening and beyond. That’s why we created First Advantage’s WeChat Candidate Information Collection System (CICS), an integrated platform that’s designed specifically to cater for the China market.

By enabling users to submit critical documentation directly via mobile device, the First Advantage’s WeChat CICS addresses a common challenge faced by global talent with multinational educational and professional experience and limits the need for time-consuming back-and-forth communications. 

First Advantage’s WeChat CICS is secure

  • All data is securely transmitted (screened for viruses and malware) via SSL encryption (HTTPS) and stored in FADV managed servers
  • No personal information is passed to the native WeChat app
  • Segregated VLAN for Application, Web and Database servers
  • Industry best practices implemented for patching, active alarms, and monitoring mechanism set up for daily operation
  • Periodic network and application penetration tests are conducted