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Background screen employees, volunteers and residents confidently with our resident and pre-employment background check expertise.

Build a unique, robust solution with our configurable suite of services to help minimise risk and maintain compliance.


This search can be either Chinese citizen’s ID card check: the number and ID holder’s name will be checked against the official database from Ministry of Public Security. or passport check for non-Chinese citizens: the passport check is conducted to Identify the genuineness of the passport on the basis of MRZ on a machine readable passport. MRZ (machine readable zone) is developed by international Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)


  •  Degree/Diploma Check
    • The validity and authenticity of tertiary education qualifications claimed by the candidate is checked. Depending on institutional guidelines, these checks may include dates of attendance, qualification and subject matter. FADV will check candidate’s latest obtained highest degree if Client has not given specific instruction/preference on which degree FADV shall check.
  •  Professional Qualification/License Check
    • Professional license will be checked with respective professional associations or government authorities to see if the subject’s license is still valid or in-force. Among China professional qualifications/licenses, as CET (such as CET-4, CET-6) can only be partially verified, it is not included by default in this service. Should any CET verification required, Client shall give specific instruction.


  •  Employment Details Check
    • Details will be checked either with the HR department or the candidate’s last supervisor and will include dates of employment, title, supervisor, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, record of company regulation / policy violations and labor dispute arbitration plus verification of last drawn salary and bonus if that information can be shared by the previous employer. FADV will not contact the current employer of a candidate, unless it has specific permission from the candidate. If the candidate nominates a date for FADV to contact the current employer, FADV will hold the verification until the nominated date if it falls within 1 month. If the date extends beyond 1 month or the candidate does not provide a date, FADV will seek instruction from CLIENT.
  •  Employment Performance Check
    • This consists of interviews with past supervisors in respect of performance, his/her strengths and weaknesses, workplace personality and reliability issues. Supervisors will only be contacted if they agree to cooperate and if their company policy allows them to provide such information.
  •  Resume Comparison
    • By comparing between candidate’s resume and provided Background Screening Information Form to identify and variance of declarations in education and/or employment history.

Personal Reputation

  •  Local Media Search
    • Local news media databases for the past 5 years. Subject to the provision of written authorization from the candidate to the satisfaction of FADV, adverse information will be reported. An individual’s media profile can encompass both professional and personal activities. This check can provide Client with a unique insight into the public activities and reputation of an individual. FADV’s broad-based press search encompasses electronically available newspapers and media sources from countries where an individual has worked, helping to ensure no hidden surprises. The search can be of immense value in the uncovering of omissions made by the candidate.
  •  Global Dataset Search
    • This search utilizes a powerful enhanced due diligence database system‚ which contains details of over one million entities and individuals that pose a risk to legitimate organizations. The database is collated from every country globally and includes data from different Law Enforcement Agencies. It is sourced from 197 countries around the world including criminality data, corruption and fraud data, financial regulatory data, money laundering data, non-US terrorism data. The international criminality data contains country-specific criminal data files covering violent crime (murder, attempted murder, assault etc.), sexual crime (rape, indecent assault, pedophilia etc.), economic crime (theft, fraud, corruption, money laundering etc.).

Financial & Credit

  •  Financial Regulatory Check
    • The name of the subject is checked against the list of persons who have been publicly censured by the local financial regulatory body. In China, the data source is Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission.
  •  Insurance Regulatory Search
    • Searching the candidate’s name in China Insurance Regulatory Commission site for regulation violation records.
  •  Business Interest Check
    • This search identifies potential conflicts of interest that can arise from an individual’s current and past legal representative status, directorships and their significant shareholdings (depending on each jurisdiction). In China, the source is the list of Legal Representatives registered with the Administration for Industry & Commerce.
  •  China Credit Check
    • Credit information on an individual can offer insight into that individual’s reliability and sense of responsibility. FADV will conduct a public record search through its data source provider, which will reveal commercial information recorded to an individual. Commercial information may include details of litigation, court judgments and bankruptcy information (varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction).

Criminal & Legal Dispute

  •  Criminal Check
    • A criminal check is conducted to identify if the candidate has a criminal record and is based on recognized country-specific procedures. In China, the check is a name search on the national online platform managed by the Supreme People’s Court of P.R.C. for criminal conviction sentences. The database contains national wide court writs issued from 1996. When FADV is unable to conduct a recognized police record or court data check due to either legal restrictions or simply the lack of such a database in any country, FADV is able to offer a “Next Best Alternative”. These searches review proprietary databases and criminal watch lists issued by various governments to identify known individuals. The searches are combined with an extensive media search which provides a high degree of confidence that the individual has not been involved in high-profile criminal activity.
  •  Limited Civil Litigation Check
    • A partial/full litigation search will be conducted to identify whether the candidate has ever been a party to civil litigation in court. In China, the check is limited and sources include bulletin of China Court, Enforcee list of China courts and the court(s) with jurisdiction over the Subject’s most recent residential address (where Subject has claimed to have lived for over one year) or the hukou address if the current address is unknown.
  •  Bribery Record Check
    • By checking against China’s national bribery record archives to confirm if the candidate has a bribery record within the past 10 years. This check will help employers to identify any bribery convictions of a candidate, help them better enforce compliance policies related to bribery and therefore lower recruitment and compliance risks.
  •  Drug Test
    • Urine testing will be conducted in a hospital to identify whether the candidate use certain illegal substances. In China, currently 5-Panel drug test is available in both Beijing and Shanghai. Moreover, a few other panels are available (up to 12 panels) in Shanghai.

Cost of Negligent Hiring


Intellectual property can constitute more than 80 per cent of a single company’s value today.

- Ocean Tomo


4,700 fatal occupational injuries in 2014, with the manufacturing sector listed as one of the most dangerous—growing by 9% over previous years.

- The Bureau of Labor Statistics


21% of manufacturers report being hit by intellectual property theft.

- Computer Weekly

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